Thank you Botswana


18 August, 2015

The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) would like to thank the voters in the Goodhope Mabule Contituency for turning out in large numbers to vote for it in the recent bye-election. The effort, high level of commitment and sacrifice displayed by our members is also acknowledged. Our members, supporters and sympathisers were up against a party that threw all kinds of tricks and resources to confuse the voters. But the voters knew what they wanted and they got it.

As we mentioned in the build up to the bye-election, this was a dress rehearsal for the 2019 General Elections. It is clear that Batswana are continuing to lose confidence in the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) as a ruling party. As if the results of the 2014 General Elections were not enough (where the party had more than half of Batswana voting against it ) the BDP popularity in the constituency slided backwards by 5% in less than 12 months. While in 2014 General Elections it attracted 45% of the popular vote, this time it could only get 40%. The UDC on the other hand increased its support by about 7% in the same period.
Characteristic of a bye-election, the number of people who voted over the weekend went down by over 3 000 compared to 2014 General Elections. The number of people who voted for the UDC went down by 560. The back-sliding BDP suffered an embarrassing drop of 1 729 votes!

The figures above speak for themselves. More and more Batswana are turning to the UDC. It is increasingly becoming clear that we carry the hopes and aspirations of Batswana as we approach the 2019 General Elections. No amount of state media and other state resources abuse will stand on our way. Buying and parading defectors will also not succeed. Victory is certain!

Moeti Mohwasa
UDC Communications Head